3 Best Smartphone Tripod Mounts

Quick review of the best smartphone tripod adapters and mounts. Check out the full list here: ****** Get studio-quality stock video clips with StoryBlocks ➡️

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1. (Budget Smartphone Mount) Vastar Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter

2. MeFoto SideKick360 Fits Phones Up To 2.8″ (73mm)



  1. QOTD ⚡️ Do you have any recommendations for smartphone adapters or mounts? Let me know! 👇Also, check out other videos in our BEST Budget YouTube Equipment series here ➡️➡️➡️ http://bit.ly/BestBudgetGear

  2. Can you post the link of the led light, thank you!

  3. I actually use a modified drum cymbal stand. It allows me to get some shots that are not possible with a regular tri pods. You can really fine tune exactly where you want the camera to be for over head shots. The drum cymbal stand has tons of adjustment if your trying to film something at a very specific angle. The cymbal stand combined with one of these camera mounts would be great for someone trying to film a diy video. I do chef knife and sharpening videos.

  4. I need a tripod for my cellphone iPhone to do video chats with friends, family and work now that we are in quarantine mode under COVID19 precautions. I would generally be at home but do think being able to take it on the go i.e. car or in a kayak would be cool. What do you suggest?

  5. they NEED to immediately create a mount ONLY for samsung galaxy users everthing is always for iphone iphone freaking iphone im so ugggggg is there anything just for android PLEASE HELPPPP!!!

  6. I would love to use a tripod but I hurled my phone at the wall in a fit of lost plot because there was no way of getting it to sit right.

  7. The info you provide is very useful. But, your opening StoryBlocks commercial is off-topic and annoyingly long.

  8. Thanks for the review! I just got Ulanzi U-Rig Pro in the mail today in addition to the Ulanzi VL49 light, and the Comica CVM-VM10 II shotgun mic.

  9. Hello gentlemen,

    Even this days is the ULANZI a good option for iPhone XS Max ?


  10. Does this goes to any size phones where I can make adjustments to hold my phone because I got a thick phone case

  11. Will the sidekick work with an iPhone 11 Pro Max or do you have any recommendations for that iPhone 11 Pro Max? I have a couple of different tripods. One is a K&F 66”. I do a lot of cooking videos.

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