3 Best Android Phones on AT&T

Continuing in our short series, Ray (+Ramon Nuez) and Zev Mo (+Zev Mo Green) discuss the best three phones on AT&T’s Network.

We get asked this question constantly: “What phone should I get?” So, here are our top choices for the “best” 3 smartphones on AT&T.

Let us know what you think!
Dads On Tech | 3 Best AT&T Phones

1) HTC One X

-Runs Android ICS
-4.7″ display (720×1280 Super LCD)
-8MP camera with f/2.0 28mm lens and dual-LED flash
-Bluetooth 4.0


  1. i see on your screen the Samsung galaxy s 2 is 99$ not 299$ so stop giving bad facts. and the htc one one only has ONE LED flash

  2. Purchased the SII Skyrocket a week before this video was published. I'll have faith that Andriod 4.0 ICS will be pushed out just like Samsung claims it will be on AT&T, and the online/store price was indeed $150 not $200. I liked the One X, but I wasn't keen on spending the extra $50 on a phone without a removable battery, no micro-SD tray & a micro-SIM that would basically render my old HTC Aria (fullsize SIM) useless as a backup phone. The Skyrocket won the real-world evaluation for me!

  3. can u tell me why you didnt even consider the att galaxy note i would just like to hear your point of view

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