This video on React Tutorial for beginners is going to show How to the understanding lifecycle methods We will start creating Covid-19 Stats Web App in React. In this video we will started building covid19-cases web app. In this video, we will fetch data from and api. i am alsoContinue Reading

Settings that can significantly boot the battery life on your Ticwatchpro2020 or any wear OS smartwatch. I am sure you will learn a lot new settings from this video. With all these setting I am easily able to get 2-4 days of battery life without sacrificing calls & notifications. IContinue Reading

It’s Android Home Screen application designed for more pleasant user experience when like rollercoaster riding by using touch wheel UI. The application was developed by using FXUI-3D technology and demonstrated on Google Nexus One, ensuing high performance with GL acceleration.

You can learn hacking easily from beginners to experts complete course on hacking and to create your own hacking usb and protect yourself from hacking, from basics,the best and easiest way to learn hacking on your Android it also works without internet,you can chat with the experts in hacking ifContinue Reading