2015 Mini Coonnected Infotainment and Navigation System Review

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  1. hey… also can you do a video about mini Connected and what is possible to do with it.. and go pro as I have the Go Pro Hero7 silver.. how do you get that gps to be updated without going to MINI authorized dealership and how do I get that gps to look like the one on this video..? thanks

  2. I want one, anyone wanna be my sugar daddy??😂😂🤣🤣 j.k. j.k. I should be trading in soon and Mini is my next car.

  3. New to my cooper S I've lost the "google earth" type view any idea where the setting is…? Comprehensive video by the way thank you….

  4. Unfortunately this video didn't help me at all. It assumed that I've had a computer in my car before. I need to be shown from A to Z. I can't even make a phone call. And I can't find a beginner's video to explain it to me.

  5. In my mini cooper it doesnt have the FM/AM button below the navigation screen.It just has a picture of 2 cars and a signal like thing…i got no idea what that does….any help?

  6. I use Waze on my phone for navigation because it lets me choose the fastest route based on current traffic. Is the car's navigation connected to the internet and more importantly, does it let you choose your route based on current traffic conditions like Waze does? Thanks.

  7. Dear Alex I have something to say and when you say that centralrest gets into the way of the gear lever that is because you didn't press the realizer properly it should go down all the way

  8. I notice there are two sizes of screen, 6.6 inch and 8.8 inch. Does the split screen work for both sizes of screens, or just the bigger screen? I want to know before I get one…

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