20 Ways To Stop Galaxy S9 Battery Drain!

20 Ways To Stop Galaxy S9 Battery Drain! Hello all, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have been fantastic smartphones. Heck even some of the best that Samsung has ever made! However, there battery life has been questionable. In this video I share with you 20 ways to improve the battery life on these devices in your daily life. If you have any other tips that I did not mention in this video, please be sure to share them with the community and enjoy the video ๐Ÿ™‚ Any further questions,…


  1. 20 Ways To Stop Galaxy S9 Battery Drain! Look to be honest the S9 and S9 Plus are some of the best phones Samsung has ever made, but the battery for some has been questionable, in this video my aim is to help you significantly improve this! These are all 20 things I do to get some of the best battery life possible! If I missed a tip share it with the community!

  2. Since updating my S9+ to Android 10 my battery life has become ALOT better I've noticed! Love my S9+ think I'll keep it 1 more year still has plenty of power under the hood in my opinion!

  3. I never will disable "always on display". Thats almost similar to disable your phone, because its a phone.

  4. Watching on my s9 and I never had problems with my battery. I'm using my s9 all day and I usually get 5-6 hours of straight gaming than it take 1 hours or less to fully charge

  5. You Disabled all the fantastic and exclusive features of a fantastic device. Then what's the use of S9, get Redmi phone with hd screen, no AOD, no bixby, no motion homescreen and more

  6. But when I get pie update on s9 plus so battery is lowing very fast please create video on this

  7. There some situations where you have say twenty percent battery life and you are no way close to the charger. Why not turn these features on?

  8. Prime example of why you should know these. Got stuck in the mountains with no electricity for 3 days. Save the why didn't you do this or do that speech and or comments. Nobody plans for bridge collapses. Lol.

  9. Why is everyone complaining about the battery life the phone is hardly a year old i don't have any problems with my battery life

  10. I can use my cellphone
    on screen time

    On Average a easy 5 hours
    in the day

    and still have 50% of battery life left

    So, it should last 10 hours before battery is at 5%
    and needs recharge

    Depends on brightness and how you use the phone

    It takes me 90 minutes to bring battery up to 100% from charging

  11. turn on airplane mode when you sleep at night, so it uses nearly no battery during your 8 hours of sleep till morning

  12. Me: bruh my phone is broken
    Also me: typing with with rainbow animated keyboard why using highest resolution

  13. I hope you guys know that this video is for people who don't like how much battery they get on their s9/s9+, not for everyone.

  14. When u use the battery saving mode u may not get the fastest network u may have a bit lag in it, The point to be noticed

  15. Pls don't set the screen to HD+ , coz when u suddenly change it to FDH+ the performance gets down, The point to be noticed

  16. Tbh I wouldnโ€™t mind the battery since the battery on the s9 is 3000 and the one on my current phone (iPhone 6) is 1,810 so Iโ€™m not complaining

  17. The max Lower saving mode is not recommended to me. I added folders and icons on the startscreen but after using this option a lot icons moved and some were gone when I rolled back to normal saving mode. How do I fix that? I had to set all these icons again. It was a mess

  18. Yeah for better battery life: Screen to FHD+, brightness (in battery settings) to – 10%, delete Samsung internet and change into Firefox Focus, delete Outlook app and just add the email account to the mail app, timeout screen 30sec, use fingerprint instead of faceunlock, turn off Always on display, turn off Bluetooth and location (if you don't use it). Logout on Google maps ๐Ÿ‘

  19. I did everything but I refuse to watch 1080p video, I will watch my 1440p resolution screen because that is what it's meant for.

  20. This is the shit that gets me tho. Like why the fuck is the battery so bad just for using it as u should????

  21. Since the update two days ago on my Samsung 9+, none of the settings and things that you are showing look like this anymore. You cannot get that location choice anymore (turning off high-accuracy) – I don't know the name of this update, but it stinks!

  22. My s9+ has been averaging 17 hours on system with 6-7 hours of screen on time on Android pie and I think that's good

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