20 Tips to improve battery life on iPhone XS & XR

Are you wondering why your battery drains so fast on your new iPhone? These 20 tips & tricks will help you improve your battery life!

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  1. Greats tips bro, I’m going to try these out on my iPhone XR.

  2. good instruction but buddy you talked way too fast.

  3. Who had a iPhone XR before the 11 came out and had better battery life until da new phones came out (Battery life still good but not as good in da past)

  4. 0:10 its hard to believe dat they make the battery life better after updating it feels like the opposite

  5. I followed (most of) the steps and the battery life of my iPhone XS has gone from barely hanging on a day to easily going through the day, THNX! 😃

  6. Thanks 4 these info … 👌👍
    and I have a Question … When I connect my ( Phone. Xr ) with the router is gana be good connection … but when I use my phone provider network is take like 3-5 min then cutoff then I have to reset the network ,,, Where is the problem ??
    By the way … I was use same plan with ANDROID and the Provider network is NOT cutoff >>> Thank you 🙂

  7. Don’t use fast charge. I know it’s annoying but fast charge heats up your battery. Don’t use your phone while it’s charging either. Your putting added pressure on the battery. I’m guilty of this. But over time if will help keep your battery in tip top shape. Of course if your someone who replaces their battery/upgrades every year then it’s not really that big of a deal.

  8. Peeps just buy a Apple battery case that’s what I did it’s worth it

  9. I don’t think that leaving my iPhone always on a wireless charger in the office or to use a battery case will help in battery health. On the contrary this will significantly effect the battery health in few months and the battery health % will start falling sharply in 5-6 months. These tips will cause the greatest damage to the battery life more than ever !

  10. I have a iPhone now but my previous android phone lasted 2 days before it needed charging so this 10 hours improvement means nothing to me

  11. All these retards in comments: "Turn off your phone, and you’ll save battery life" but omfg, stfu and leave us with OUR life and OUR phone, It’s MY life, not YOURS, so you don’t have ability to tell me what should I do.

  12. Turning it all off, it's like you are not using the best feature of an iPhone, TIP: better don't use an iPhone.

  13. Whoever is reading this please don’t just don’t update your phone to IOS 13. It sucks and your battery will discharge very fast. I regret right now for updating.. 😒

  14. I use the XR and can easily get 3 days from mine as I always keep my data off unless I’m actually using it that saves battery alone

  15. don’t turn on auto brightness, it drains battery since the display is always looking to see the amount of light it’sgiven for it to change on its own, give your phone a break.

  16. make sure always update firmware of ios to the latest and update the apps too

  17. Tip #21, turn off the iphone because looks like every smart things are turned off to the point that the iphone is pretty uselsss. I’ll buy Nokia 3310 instead.:))

  18. My xs max is only 4 days old and the battery decreases like crazy. It goes down one percent every 2 minutes and I have done almost everything in this video

  19. On my xr I easily get 10 to 11 hours of screen time which is amazing

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