20 Chords Every REAL Guitar Player Needs To Know

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There are hundreds of guitar chords out there. However, to play your favorite songs, there are really only twenty or so that you need to have down. In this lesson, we’ll be covering the twenty guitar chords (plus a few extras) every real guitar…


  1. you're awesome in showing those chords, I am from Ethiopia and I am left handed and could not find guitar for left handed person in Ethiopia

  2. Just wanted to thank you and let you know your tips helped me over the last six months tremendously. Especially the tip of just having a guitar where u sit in your house. You get the urge its right there. I went thru the bloody finger thing as a teen and picking it back up after service. Thank you

  3. E X A C T L Y what I was looking for but it took me months to find you. Thanks man. I'm heading to your next video.

  4. After a year of playing, Cmaj is still the hardest. Way harder than Fmaj everyone talks about.

  5. Can you please write the guitar name and model in your description box? Btw which guitar are you using in this video?

  6. I was expecting my guitar skill to be completely oblitarated, but I actually knew how to do everything in the video, that's nice for a change 😀

  7. No you need to be more concise more professional you are a fake ass money grabbing pro who thinks they're better than us but you aren't

  8. Great video and content… Same here guitar player and fingerstylist with basic tutorial. Watching you from Philippines

  9. I didn’t just learn 20 chords, I learnt some new words too (nefarious & tentative)😊

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