2-Step Verification with Google Authenticator | Ting Tip

Get the Google Authenticator app for your iPhone or Android. Google Authenticator lets you store 2-Step Verification codes for your online accounts like Gmail, Slack, WordPress and more. Setting up 2-Step adds an extra layer of security to all your stuff and with Google Authenticator, retrieving your second password in is easier than ever.

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  1. I have an important question, what if you lose your phone with the authenticator on it?

  2. Hi I had this app linked to my Snapchat and instagram accounts. My phone hard reset everything and everything got wiped off. I can’t get the codes to log into my credentials anymore what can do?

  3. Before I could not known about using this app. But , now I have learned how to use this app from your video. thanks brother

  4. App doesnt fucking work all the codes i get dont work and i cant log in

  5. I do all the steps and put in the steos but when i put in the 6 digit code it says wrong try again help me

  6. That's not working i did same thing bro
    There are just quiz not games .Telll me later😕😦

  7. I need to scan the bar code to my own phone, my mom’s google authenticator is still with my Pc if I pressed 2 step verification I have to write down my google authenticator code before I have to replace it with my current phone?

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