18. iPhone 7 Plus Dual Lens Mode Tutorial – Epic Guide to FiLMiC Pro

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use FiLMiC Pro’s dual lens support for the iPhone 7 Plus to switch between the Wide and Telephoto lenses, as well as take advantage of the optical zoom mode for lossless zoom!

The iPhone 7 Plus comes with two cameras; a wide 28mm equivalent lens, and a 56mm telephoto lens which gives you 2x optical zoom over the standard lens. Not only is this great for close ups, it also introduces beautiful shallow depth of field and can be harnessed in combination…


  1. Hi! Do you plan to include this telephoto feature on android-based devices with two or three rear cameras? (I use Motorola One Zoom with a great OIS-ZomX3 telephoto but also with a poor native camera app). Thanks! JC

  2. I am using iPhone 7 Plus with Filmic Pro.
    Has there been any consensus made whether 1080p or 4k gives better results?
    My plan is to film 24 fps, and eventually export to 1080p 24fps, but maybe some time in future I would wish I had recorded in 4k so not sure which way to go.

  3. Recently purchased FilMiC Pro for my iPhone 7….but there is no "action slider" that I can find that opens up and exposed the the icons at 0:36. Somebody throw me a bone here! Thanks.

  4. help please ( iphone uses wide lens if the there is no enough light ) does the app filmic help to use tele lens all the time if i decide to use tele lens all time ?

  5. hey Brother , I have just purchased but it Looks different than the one you are presenting here …. the only Thing that bothers me is that I can not swith while filming from Manual Focus to zoom  from a DJI OSMO Joystick. Can you please tell me how to do it ? Or better yet …IS IT POSSIBLE?

  6. perhaps an idea to disable the iPhone's image stabilization at startup; you don't want it anyway!
    or make it possible to lock it in the presets…
    I love Filmic Pro!

  7. As always you guys over deliver great value in your explanations of how to do and why/how to use the features. Keep it going and… Thanks again!!

  8. Another fantastic and SUPER informative ( see what I did there? ) tutorial from you.  Well done. It seems that you always have at least one thing in your tuts that I especially benefit from. This time it was about the ability to  SINGLE TAP on the zoom button for each point needed. Thanks for your efforts.

  9. Thanks, another great tutorial! Now I have get an iPhone 7+!!!

  10. Whats the reason filmic pro doesnt enable manual focus on the ffc or tele lens? (sup vid btw)


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