16 Tricks to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

So you’re minding your own business watching a video on YouTube when your phone shuts down without warning. Well, maybe not completely without warning, but that 5% battery life popup wasn’t that long ago, was it? The good news is that there are a lot of ways you can extend your phone’s battery life.

Did you know, for example, that just like you’ll shiver in the cold or sweat in the heat, your phone doesn’t like extreme temperatures either? Or that animated wallpapers or ones that have…


  1. Umm hi bright side your the best but when i turn on the airplane mode and no one can call me

    Like = BRIGHT SIDE

    comment = WHAT IF

    And them bright side when i can go to settings and tap the battery but theres no app that uses the battery life

    And my phone is android and not removable battery

    And my wall paper is black with pennywise face but its not a black and with its only black white and red that tge color in my wall paper and

    That picture i download

    Hehehhee but at 50% it will be shut down then i alway playing in my phone with charging and them my phone reaches a 100% it will be drain 100% – 92% and it reaches it will be shut down too and im gonna power on

    Its 92% after 5 minutes it will 40%

    And thats not fair!
    My phone after 4 hours it will be fully charged

  2. There's also Ultra power saving mode so try to keep that on if it's comfortable for you

  3. Another way of saving your battery is to not use its batery to watch this video 😂

  4. My top tip is to turn off mobile data. I o my turn it on whenever strictly necessary, like driving or checking mail/WhatsApp/etc. Also, when making a phone call that’s longer than a minute

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