16 ACTUAL iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed!

16 Hidden iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know Existed in 2019! | iPhone Hidden Features 2019
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Here are 16+ tips & tricks you may not know exist (or just don’t use) in iOS 12 on your iPhone XS, iPhone XR or any older iPhone!

I’m sure you guys will know some of these but hopefully you walked away from this video learning at least one new tip that you can utilize…


  1. UPDATE: Thank you all for the great feedback on this video! iPhone Tricks episode 3 is coming soon!

    I bet you didn't know all of these 😜

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  2. if you hold the brightness button slider thingy you can get two options (if u have the ios which i think is 12.4 or something) you get two modes:

    Dark Mode
    Night Shift

    youre welcome for the idea

  3. Hey Brandon, do you use a screen protector? Do you think it’s necessary on the newer iPhones? Thanks!

  4. Um, this video was really bad. I literally knew all of these. Not worth watching.

  5. For parking, it would be wiser say: “Hey Siri, Mark my parking location…” done ✅ ps. I appreciate these tricks

  6. I love taking photos with my iPhone…distance views and the changing moods of the sky in particular. Come check them out on my short video for some inspiration!

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