15 Gboard – the Google Keyboard Tips and Tricks That You’ll Love (2018)

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  1. You really need to slow down with your presentations so we don't spend all our time rewinding and pausing.

  2. Another secret : first go to setting then go to general in settings after tap keyboards and pick Japanese then tap kana then after go to numbers then tap the face and BOOM your done (●´ω`●)

  3. Does anyone know how u can change the color of the keys on the key board. The theme I want to use has the letters are white & I have a hard time seeing them.

  4. This comment is what you end up with when you just type without checking the results assuring ,the last word was meant to say and just sending. How does and just sending encl assuring, type end you get encl, if g board was a person I'd kill it.

  5. I’ve just got to be honest. This video is really bad because of two things. 1. You Can hardly see the keyboard 2. The music is truly distracting! I just couldn’t stand it anymore and regrettably did not complete the video. If you must have music then have music that is calming, tonal, and relaxed or offer the video with no inane music in the background

  6. Lol funny thing is I'm using the Gboard while watching this video. ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

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