15 Galaxy A70 Android 10 One UI 2 Tips and Tricks

Hey Folks! Here is the video showing all the new Samsung Galaxy A70 Android 10 One UI 2 tips and tricks. Watch this video until the end to find out what’s new in the Samsung Galaxy A70 and how you can unleash the true potential of the new software on your Galaxy A70. I have shared 15 unique tips, which also reveal the hidden features in the Galaxy A70 Android 10 update.

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  1. Although animations has gotten a lot smoother after the android 10 update, there is however a noticeable tag sometimes while switching between app from the task manager window. Probably optimization issues, well if you try switching between app from the task manager window you will notice what i am trying to say

  2. The power button always had the option for bixby or power off options on my A70

  3. After update, my phone is not openning. I can't factory reset. How can i solve this?

  4. I was downloading the software update but it didn't finish downloading and my phone wasn't updated and there's no update available . Has anyone encountered the same issue

  5. HI .. BROTHER…
    HOW R U..

  6. Press down volume button and power key same time par. Bahoot der tak press karke nahi rakhna hai. 1 baar press karke jaldi se chhod do. Screenshot ho jayega.

  7. After Update I'm Facing Sound Issues ( Footsteps/Firing ) while Playing Pubg … Do U have any solution…? I have tried different Handfree…

  8. Hi I didn't get the screen recorder option in my A70 with the new Android 10 update. Could u pls suggest how to get it

  9. Afrer updated ui2. In india ,when I play my youtube video in my a70 it's playing maximum 480 setting video how can I play 720 or 1080 quality video… Please help me

  10. Hello. Why on my a70 phone, after updating to android 10, the "swipe from sides and bottom" function from "full screen gestures" does not exist? There is only "swipe from bottom"

  11. Hi usama
    I updated my a70 manually few weeks ago
    Will i get the security updates?
    And another question
    Will a70 get the one ui 2.1 update?
    Thanks for ur good content

  12. I think you need to keep Exploring the One UI versions bro. As BIXBY on Power Key & Cursor Control both were already a part of One UI 1. It's just that you weren't aware of. Anyway..Nice video, already subscribed..keep posting more👍

  13. Screenshot has been changed, now you need to press both power key and volume down key, and immediately remove the finger from the volume down key.

  14. Is it normal bro?? After update my mobile phone..it clear all my game obb file…why??🥺


  16. After Updating to One Ui2, the phone heats alot and drains really fast.

  17. I am getting only 6-6.5 hours screen on time in A71 with aod off. Any tips to increase it?

  18. good i like one ui 2.0, but i think any have a bugs.It's oke, we just waiting for fix some bugs

  19. Hi, i switched to one ui 2.0 befor 2 days ago, but i noticed that the navigation bar still the same wich was in android P !!

  20. When I record a video with Super Steady mode, when I speak in the video, the sound doesn't match the mouth. There is a delay I tried the factory settings, cleared the camera cache but it was not effective. The same problem still occurs is in the Super Steady video mode.

    The mouth is still not the same as before. Who is it? I think everyone is together. The result of a software error Can we star grade to Android 9 without problems with our device?

  21. Help, I have updated Android 10 on the Samsung A70. Everything works well. Except what is a big problem I can't use the google photos app to adjust the video to not shake in the Android version. 10. The time can be adjusted. But unable to save the file But before on Android 9 It can do well every time. And I made the factory settings twice and updated the app to the latest version As a result, it cannot Use the Google Photo app to adjust video without shaking. Try asking a friend who uses A70 to encounter the same problem as me. But in the A50s, Android 10 can work normally, so I think it's a software issue in the A70, not an exact app issue. Because of the device, my sister up Android 10 s10 from the end of December Can still use the google photos app to adjust the video to not shake normally until today. But A70 why, then interfering to edit the software Send the fit battery to I am in trouble. I use videos everyday. Really want a grade star for Android 9

  22. My battery takes longer to charge & drain faster after the Android 10 Update, anyone else ?

  23. I'm in the uk with a70 coral. Got android 10 in January great phone now that update is global

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