15 Best Couch Co-op Games To Play With Boyfriend OR Girlfriend

Co-op will always have a unique place in gaming. Who says you can’t do gaming with your better half and there aren’t good games to play? Today, we tell you 15 co-op games that you can play with your boyfriend or girlfriend and have a blast.

The list contains both old and new games so we are sure that you will find something useful in there.

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  1. Really good list… have played a lot of them.
    consider adding 'don't starve together' as well

  2. As a co-op lover & addict, this is the best suggestion video i have ever seen. It's informative even for the ones thats not familiar with games and honest for the familiar ones (in Rayman, a review never says one person runs and other just follows, but its true)

  3. Co-op games are the reason why people back then buy consoles. I miss playing with my friends on my house when i was i child. Now theres many online games, less co op games 😢

  4. Everybody's golf is a fantastic co-op game. Funny characters, good game play, plenty of skill options. Good for competitive couples.

  5. Funny how some of those games don't have split screen on pc, and you have to mod them in order to make them work
    It's like developers think pc gamers NEVER play games together, only online.

  6. I have three letters for you…


    killing giant ants split screen is just too much fun

  7. I am looking with not much luck some games to play with friends on PS4 – would you maybe consider making that kind of ranking? I mean – we've got Nintendo Switch and would like to play with friends who have PS4 🙂

  8. My wife never played PS4 before until we played a way out together and we beat it. Great game

  9. My funniest moment recently with my gf was the clip you started and ended with. We played unravel 2 and in that scene I tied off the yarn, but released it by the time she dropped down. It was electrifying 😈

  10. I haven’t played a game with someone else in a long time. They are either busy most of the time or just don’t have a lot of free time on their hands. Also, LittleBigPlanet should’ve been on this list.

  11. You missed out the best ones:

    Trevor Strikes Again
    Children of Morta

  12. Trine game coop just for online or can be offline also? I try to connect 2 people but can't.

  13. Hi! Thank you for this list! Could you make a video just like this, but just for the Nintendo Switch?

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