14 Tips on How to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

How to Extend Your Battery Life. Smartphones really have become a must-have item and, apparently, a real time-eater. Since we spend most of our waking hours playing with our gadgets, that battery gets wiped out pretty fast. How to prevent your battery from dying when you need it most? Here is a list of 14 ways you can extend your smartphone’s battery life and have your phone always there for you.
Experiment a little to find which solution is the best one to crack your phone battery…


  1. BRIGHT SIDE almost everyone with a phone is on it for five hours a day

    Me:…….Is it a bad thing I spend 13 hours on my phone each day but I still say ‘I need to be on here longer’ and am watching this vid?

  2. I have a question is it okay that if you charged your phone is it okay to reach 95%??

  3. i cant find ANYTHING about this so called "fetch option" from tip 8… :S my Gmail will only send me singular email notifications

  4. Super, thanks brightside 😉 it really helped me out. I found out the most draining was location activated


    bich im using them all😪

  6. For a blind person I’m sorry we need hey Siri to re-screen and everything else and also. We need to buy some of the things that yeah I was talking about you don’t think about a blind person or a totally blind person thank you S some things that yet you with mentioning. I was blind person do not use thank you

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