13 Secrets to Keep Your Phone Battery Alive for Longer

Nothing can ruin your mood faster than having a low battery on your phone and no charger in sight. To avoid the mini panic attack we all have when that happens, try these 13 secret simple tricks to prolong your phone’s battery life.
Pretty much all mobile apps send you Push-notifications. Taking advantage of this function eats up a lot of your phone’s energy and kills the battery.
Instead of using vibration, leave your phone on silent or use the ringtone setting with the volume turned down…


    Turn off notifications. 0:34
    Switch off vibration. 1:06
    Set your screen auto-lock to the minimum. 1:29
    Dim the brightness of the display. 1:56
    Turn off background App refresh. 2:18
    Switch off 3G/LTE. 2:37
    Turn on airplane mode. 3:00
    Don't let your phone search for a signal. 3:25
    Don’t wait until your battery is dead to charge your phone. 3:58
    Don't use additional functions. 4:31
    Keep calls short. 4:52
    Adjusting network settings may help. 5:17
    Avoid animated or moving background pictures. 5:56
    Some more tips that’ll help prolong the life of your battery 6:27

  2. save your battery life by DESTROYING YOUR PHONES !
    after watching this vid i get that

  3. Number 1: turn off all notifications
    Me: ok so i turn off this notification channel too, right?

  4. Even before I saw this video, I will always plug my phone in the charger when the power comes to 89%. It has helped me in saving a lot of power and time.

  5. Some people: I have a fear of spiders and cockroaches

    Me: I have fear of losing battery life cause I don't have a charger

  6. BRIGHT SIDE: avoid bright pictures or moving backgrounds

    also BRIGHT SIDE: *adds bright colors and animation in their videos*

  7. Bright side: the longer they speak more battery is wasted
    Me: then..*turns of phon* OKK NOW IS MY BATTERY AT 100?!

  8. I need your help! Again!! When I charge and I use it. IT DOESNT GO UP NORMALY FAST it goes …..20%…………21% SEE? And also my battery drains so fast!
    For example : I charged my iPad until 100% but when I use it. It goes ITS REALLY FAST DRAINING

    Fast charging whenever not in use.
    Slow charging whenever using.
    Fast low battery.

    I NEED A REPLY ASAP! PLZ! 🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😅😅😅🥶🥶PLZZ

  9. I need your reply!! I really need your help!

    Every 4 or 3 hours my battery is 10% but I do charge it until 100% but my battery drains so fast! How do you fix that? You really need to answer me!

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