12 Incredible Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS

Tips, Tricks and Secrets that you can use on your Android Phone. New Android 9.0 compatible, and help customise your Android Mobile, make it faster and help the battery to last longer.
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  1. Music in bkground ruins every video more or less do people not listen bk.

  2. android…an os designed to obtain data from the user make money off of it then make additional money from the cell phone provider

  3. Well! I had to disable my Google assistant after Android 10 update on my phone. The problem is that whenever I use navigation gesture to go back this Google assistant opens automatically.

  4. I search for "rocket launcher" on the play store and get a bunch of games …

  5. …. why email the cards to yourself? just make an album (mine is called "numbers") and put all those photos into it.

  6. If you put cards in the cell phone cover, you can break it due to technical damage

  7. want to carry a few notes with you? OH MY POCKETS HAVE DISAPPEARED LET ME PUT IT IN MY PHONE CASE

  8. Drumroll crash.
    Don't forget to remove your card.
    Before Pudding on the charger.
    The powerful magnet,
    Will E race your card. ?
    D magnetize,

  9. At 1:40 I tried this trick a few month ago the phone litteraly slide of my hands an droped on the glasse back so BUY A WALLET!!

  10. Awful video. I already knew everything and the products you showe were neither secrets, tips or a trcks. You are just trying to fill your video with content but it's just turning into clickbait.

  11. as far as the wave control app it is not near the best air gesture control app I've tried to use it on many phones many times and it fails about 90% of the time

  12. If you put your card in your phone case with your phone, the chip inside the card will stop working

  13. What is this flags section of google chrome? I cant really find it, well I found it once but I dont know how

  14. Please don't put your money in the back of the case if you do this for a long time the phone's external case is going to bulg and pulls on the phone's internal case and you can spot there is a gap between the screen and internal case which it disalligns with the power button and volume button in which they don't work, even if you don't understand what I am saying don't do it saying by personal experience

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