11 Dope iPhone Hacks in iOS 11! Part 2

11 iPhone Hacks Apple Doesn’t Want You To Use. No Animations, Blank App Icons, Hide Dock, Crash Your iPhone & More! iOS 11.4/11.3!

iPhone Hacks Part 1:

No Folder Labels:
Respring Glitch:
Slide Animation:
No Dock Glitch:


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  9. The YouTube one has a fix now. Go to safari, not the YouTube app, open the website version of YouTube, click picture in picture, swipe down to the notification screen, click play, then lock your device. The audio is bad though.

  10. Am I the only one that is disturbed by the fact that people would have to click all these things randomly to find the glitch

  11. Why am i watching this whole vid while on android….

  12. @everythingapplepro I wish u could link us the wallpaper on the iPhone X on the left please everyone’s trying to find it please link it please!!!!

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