10-year iPhone user switches to Galaxy S10+ (Ceramic Black) Reaction

So, I’ve been a hardcore apple user since the iPhone 3GS. Trust me, I would have bought an iPhone before that but – I was too young.

I fell in love with what apple was doing. Every phone at the time was almost not comparable to the iPhone. After the iPhone 3GS I got the iPhone 4 , iPhone 4S , iPhone 5 , iPhone 5s (for a month) iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus , iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone X , and now up till this day, I have the iPhone XS Max.

I’m starting to question what apple is doing. Every…


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    Also, be sure to read the description of this video! It will help understand why I'm doing this 🙂

  2. I have enjoyed my Galaxy 8plus for a couple of years now. It is still going strong but I am really wanting the note 10plus.

  3. Im sorry but your reaction to the display was pretty fake, first of all in the boot logo screen you can barely see anything plus the setup screen is nearly pure white. Atleast wait until you have set it up jeez

  4. They both have there goods and bad like apple has worst display then samsung but apple got a better OS then samsung.

  5. Too make it snappier,

    Go to about phone, tap build number a couple of times. This will turn on developer mode.
    Go back to settings and tap on developer options and turn the animation speed to 0.5x.

    This will make your phone feel way faster.

  6. Samsung doesnt put that white sticker with the small barcode on the back the carriers do

  7. I made the switch, loving my note10+. Not the 5G version but I got a killer deal on it. Soooo much better than what I'm used to.

  8. I’m watching on iPhone 8 Plus but I’m looking forward to the next galaxy! Maybe the s21 who inowst

  9. Really consider moving from my iPhone 8 Plus to the S10 Plus but I’m torn. Anyone make the transition & not regret it?

  10. Always been a Samsung owner Ive had iphones b4 just to see what ppl see in them and meh i stick with samsung. Yes the os is android which iphone ppl dont understand you can have android on a nokia and on samsung but is just the samsung product that feels so great and is built top quality not to mention every time i see an iphone user they have their charger with them and with samsung i can go the whole day without worrying about battery life. Samsung for the win

  11. I see in you happy it's like iam using it excellent choice bro

  12. I thought the only one that was ceramic was the 5G version one.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. The Samsung come stock with the lower resolution out of the box. Go into settings and switch to WQHD+

  14. Guys I’m just gonna say, one of my dads employees had to switch to an iPhone 6 from an s7 and after a few weeks of use, he admitted that apple was better

  15. Yes the Video is a little older. I stumbled across this as I think about to switch too. But one word about the display: Samsung is Apples supplier for displays. So they are not years behind 🙂 hope you had fun with the device 🙂

  16. I switched from my iPhone X to the note 10. Never going back. Only problem is the snapchat quality. My bank doesn't support Samsung/Google Pay oof. Except from that it's amazing 😊

  17. You're a weird fuck and I'm down voting you weird fuck. I'm a Samsung Android user by the way.

  18. Samsung will always be one step ahead of Apple because Samsung makes the screens for Apple

  19. It is really nice how a long life apple fan and user tries to go for android and for Samsung. I am a Samsung user simce day 1. I never switched to iphome or what so ever. Good job dude. I use my S10 and i really loved how Samsung developed so good trough all these years. Hope you enjoyed the Phone!!!

  20. When switching a phone brand is bigger than switching your sexuality xD
    Tho thank God ppl realized iPhone isnt good

  21. People at the office look down on you hard for having Android I feel peer pressured to stay in the apple cult

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