10 year iPhone user switches to Galaxy! Here's why.

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Check out why I ditched my iPhone XS Max and left the Apple Ecosystem after 10 years! I am officially team #Galaxy now!


  1. I will never go back to iphone. When I had one I thought no phone was better than apples iphone. Then I grew pubes and realised iphone is dogshit compared to Samsung

  2. I switched recently from Apple to the Galaxy S8, never going back to apple. Now I'm super happy with my S10… Wow is all I have to say

  3. Hello Sir,
    I did the same thing when I switched to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 first time after I was with Apple since I had Apple 4. But, just like you I still miss imessage feature, Apple watch connectivity with iPhones. FaceTime calls to other Apple devices. So, to avoid one of the features i love about Apple i still have iPad.

  4. Apple users are stupid because they can't connect or set something without help of apple 🙂 Samsung users are Die Hard we can connect 1 device in 20 different ways 🙂

  5. Upgraded to a Oppo Reno2 Z three days ago after using iPhones for the last 11 years. Cost was AUD$600 for a 6.5 inch AMOLED display with under screen fingerprint scanner & pop up selfie cam – no NOTCH ! Took 2 days to set it up & get used to it – love it. Comparable sized iPhone 11 Pro Max was more than AUD$2000 – just way to expensive & just not that much better … Plus this has auto answer with the headset a feature I have always wished an iPhone had …

  6. Had the SE, 7(for 500€ new), got my IPhone 11 for 830€, and I‘m fucking disappointed. Gonna get the Galaxy Note 10 for 700€, which is actually a great price for great quality

  7. I always try to convince my friend to switch to Samsung 😌

  8. You should of edited the last part to where she goes what did it cost and he says everything and the apple airpods dissapeared to lmfao!

  9. iPhones are better internally. Don’t hate because of the notch once’s that is gone there is nothing anyone can say

  10. Man, i have always preffered android over ios but the thing is, my mom brought TWO iphone 11s home via a promo from her bank. one was for my sister and the other for my dad. Within a day of using it, my dad decided that it was too different from his android and offered it to me instead. Now, there was NO WAY i was going to turn down a 700$ phone be it android or ios (btw in the country where i live in, the iphone 11’s price is 1000$). And so here i am, an android fan with an iphone 11. I still have a samsung galaxy tablet and so far it has been quite a refreshing (and dare i say it smoother) experience coming from an android although i do still very much prefer the android purely because of the freedom it offers.

  11. I've switched back and forth but I think the newer phones with samsung are defiantly game changers, as of now I'm going to get the Samsung Galaxy A71, it's absolutely gorgeous and works so incredibly well for such an affordable appropriate price! I don't think Apple is bad, but I do think Samsung is a bit better haha, either way I love both😁❤

  12. 2 years later: Why I switched back to iOS after my device is no longer supported

  13. The last i phone that i use was i phone 6 plus before turning to the Huawei P20 until i saw the S10 and now after 6 month im switching to the s20….Samsung S series keeps getting better 😎

  14. REALLY FINE video. I like INFO with LESS yak, gets to the point.
    Background music sound level 😉👍 👍 I can hear every word you're saying.
    SO… how is it now 1 year later?

  15. Every Apple – related video ever doesn't count, unless you say word "ecosystem" at least 5 times in it.

  16. #1 android is not the dark side it is the light side apple is dark and yes switching was grrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaattt

  17. Samsung: for my daily life
    iPhone: Just for post the story in instragram bc the font is more beautiful lol😂

    And yeah I stick with samsung even I use apple since I was born I guess😂

  18. Well that done it!!! I too have owned nothing but iPhones for the last 10 years and ever since Steve Jobs passed iPhone hasn’t been the same. I guess you could say im bored with the iPhone because i know it extremely well. I purchased an LG V35 ThinQ but it wasn’t what i was looking for so now i just purchased a Samsung Galaxy S10 and im willing to give it a shot although it will be like trying to fly a jumbo jet without training! But i’ll get it figured out.

  19. My problem with Galaxy is that after a couple of months it seems to get slow, laggy, and buggy. I always liked how much more customizable it was than Iphone and how much better it looked, however after some 3-4 months it would begin malfunctioning, and I owned Galaxies for the most part from the s6 Edge to the 8 edge, and every time, my Galaxy would fail so I decided to switch to Iphone which tend to last at least a year, without showing too much effects. ( My family for the most part also owned galaxies up until the S9 but they always seem to go bad after some months. But if they would last at least a year then yes I would definitely switch to Galaxy.)

  20. iPhone is ridiculously controlling lmao they'll make a change and just be like fuck you were apple

  21. I don't know about other Android phones besides Samsung but honestly Samsung's phones are just better then some iPhones I've looked into. If your an iPhone user at least give Samsung a chance before judging. That's just my opinion 🤷‍♂️

  22. i like ur video but you are telling me ur lazy to the point you don't want to go to settings and turn off something because it was easy before the update to shut it off, also I will stick with apple because I don't want a phone in my pocket to explode and burn or maybe hospitalize me but you can do you, im gonna get hate for this but all I said was my side of the story and facts to go with it

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