10 Ways to Spot a HACKER in PUBG Mobile! (Tips and Tricks)

“How to Spot a HACKER in PUBG Mobile – 10 Ways to Spot a HACKER in PUBG Mobile! (PUBG Mobile Hackers Caught) PUBG Mobile Hacks, PUBG Mobile iOS/Android Hacked Gameplay! PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks 2019 (Pro Tips) PUBG Mobile Cheaters Caught (Gameplay)”


PUBG Mobile Scary Story! (Warning…)

Hey everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with another PUBG Mobile video! Thank you for clicking on this one -…


  1. hahaha some of ur reasons r dumb I don't use my Mic I stay away from my team most of the time and I'm not a hacker

  2. My squad opened fire on a hacker like in Predator. He killed us all 2 shots each and walked away. What can you do?🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. I played a match in PUBG mobile beta and I died and then looked at the kill cam and I saw the person that killed me aim in 2 different directions, I thought it was a complete guess because he was also firing at a moving uaz but then he killed me.

  4. In asia server many vietnamese people are using hack they think they can conwuer asian servers

  5. I'm going to diss like just because I dont like u. I
    Don't even have the game. I actually have money so I could buy the game on pc. I just think ur voice is annoying

  6. I disagree with the voice chat one, i just dont like to talk with others and dont want my parents to think that im doing something wrong lol

  7. this is one of the videos i actually liked, i don't usually like videos because it's a waste of 1 second

  8. I had 1 teammate in squad hacking I killed him myself and can I get banned by doing that?

  9. Are resource maps considered hacks? I used to use a resource map but it lied all the time. I no longer use one because it lies and no longer works. So I am asking if it's a hack. Me and my friend got knocked out by 2 shots with an AKM and I got knocked by 2 M762 shots twice. I also got shot through a wall by a Chinese person and I reported all of these occurrences and PUBG didnt send anything back. I used the resource map because I didn't play in 2-3 years so I didn't remember where cars were. Like, PUBG has a good hack defense and protection, but they never replied to my reports. Now I'm always scared when there is/are Chinese people because they either have bad ping or they hack.

  10. Well I'm creeped out AND I KNOW I'M NOT A HACKER BUT I run away from my squad just because I don't like them being next me to me cuz there to loud and can get me killed

  11. Well I dont go with my team mates cuz they always steal my loot I come back to them when I have loot

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