10 ways Android is just better

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  1. but do you really care about this stuff? Like seriously how many times you download and apk or rom from the internet? PLUS you un the risk of downloading malware

  2. Big stonks, makes a video about why android is better, then why iPhone is better 😂

  3. I have used Android phones in the past. They were just terrible. But the pluses of Android were great, but not enough to keep me from gong back to the iPhone. Last summer when my phone broke, I almost got a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. But I wound up getting the iPhone XR because leaving the Apple ecosystem is a pain.

  4. Two things android is definitely better. Significantly better file management and emulator friendly .

    Paid ios apps are cheaper than playstore. For some reason, audio processing in ios is way better than android (virtual guitar pedal).

    I use an android phone and ipad.

  5. android die hard fans : we love customization, also android die hard fans : stock android is best android

  6. he: talks about the bad features of i phone
    iphone company: sponsors next vid
    iphone: ahahahahahahaha nao fix what u said!!

  7. Headache
    Trying to transfer an iMovie file from an iPhone onto windows

  8. I have an iPhone rn but i loved that back button when I had android it was the best

  9. I love Android because of FREEDOM, my friend literally deleted Android folder just because, while my sister can't pirate a song

  10. there is no device that has more features that are valuable and done well than apple. nuff said

  11. more freedom to buy different phone… but apple is arguably better than all and we dont need anything else. I'll let the numbers talk though

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