10 ways Android 10 will help you

Introducing Android 10 – accessible, inclusive and safe. See the latest features that make it our most helpful release yet.

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  1. Nothing is new in this android 10 i had all of these options before and i dont want the stupid focus mode thats crazy

  2. Is there any possibility in future so that we can make vowifi call by using internet from the other sim in a dual volte mobile device that must be cost efficient & uninterrupted data connectivity while receiving calls from both the sim with even call waiting from the other sim too??

  3. Hi All
    Please we need in the new version of android all the icons of all applications in real best Full HD resolution quality clarity , soon please.

  4. Thank you very much I already have Android 10 on my Google phone,Features are super handy keep going with Android 11😍

  5. I don't know what else is missing on Android, we got so much as of now.

  6. and they didnt even change the bad looking emojis, wow.

  7. What if Google android 11 looks more nature like …I mean if we put apple watch app navigation instead of the square tiles or vertical scroll….if we have something similar to one ui from Samsung but instead of pulling up to app drawer with tiles side scrolled ..it will be pulling up will pull apps all as a panch as in the apple watch ….really need a lot of people to like this so it might come true

  8. Android 10 should support All 5G bands (low,mid,high) and 5G 600Mhz band and show speed down and up load on 5G

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