10 Things About iOS That Would Annoy Any Android User [Walkthrough]

10 iOS Annoyances—An Android User’s Perspective
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In this video, I’ll be going over 10 relatively minor quibbles that I have with iOS as a long-time Android user. I just got my first iPhone, and so far, things are off to a rocky start with all of these small annoyances.

I’m not going to get into things that have been rehashed over and over again, like Siri vs. Google Now, and the locked down interface on…


  1. I hate the bland error messages on iOS. My aunt's iPhone is giving me the "cannot connect to the app store" error message and there's no hint at what may be causing it. I've been wanting to get an iPhone 11 pro but every time I need to fix/diagnose an error on iOS I'm given a thousand reasons why I shouldn't switch. Makes me love my android device so much

  2. Know what annoys me? When I swipe, it clicks on a whole lot of SHIT that I don’t even want!

  3. I have a Android wtich is called vivo v7 plus and it is even better than the iPhone….

  4. Most important thought every reviewer forget to include in an iPhone video why there's still no dual SIM connectivity on iPhone while Android phones have dual SIM connectivity from way longer

  5. What about the keyboard swipe scroll thingy? ( idk what its called but it's that line that appears when you press and hold a letter on your Android keyboard)

  6. I think he should of started off with the same photo of people for a background screen lol

  7. I would also put notifications there. IPhone is really behind when it comes to notifications as they do not display them in the top bar in case I would like to handle them later, and they are hidden, making me forget about them (actually this is a reason I gave up using a free iPhone I received and bought an Android phone as it was too frustrating to use it).

  8. That’s a iPhone 6 from boost 😡that don’t count as an iPhone 😔

  9. Apple iPhone users are like sheep being led to the slaughter and they don't even know it. Android for life.

  10. iOS has fixed some of these annoyances and they usually do when they finally realize how far behind they actually are compared to other OS like Android. However I think Android will ALWAYS be superior to iOS because iOS is DELIBERATELY designed to be restricted in certain and several ways. Restrictions specifically designed to keep the user and their content be under Apple's control.

    Sometimes, with iOS people, "it just works" is enough for them. But for most people who want the most out of their experience and money, "just simply works" just isn't enough. Android is far superior and THATS why Android is now setting the industry standards NOT Apple….

  11. Why do iphones have little colors to pick from when Android has a rainbow of colors?

  12. I do like a glorified home button. But the iPhone one does annoy me. I like the home button that will go home and, on my old ass phone, you hold and you get recent apps. I like something in the middle. A mix of my tablet and my phone would be nice.

  13. One question

    Why android users hate iPhone I can’t understand that

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