10+ SECRET Android TRICKS And HACKS 2020 You Should Know!

Today we will see 10+ tips and tricks of android

That will really help in daily life and you should know all these

1. Get back the Notifications you Swiped Away – 00:50
2. Chrome Browser Trick To Show Meaningp Anytime – 02:19
3. Saving Battery And Speeding Up Your Phone – Greenify – 03:20
4. Faster Loading And Animation – Developer Options settings Animation Scale – 04:21
5. Add Multiple Fingerprints To Make It More Accurate And Fast – 06:09
6. View Detailed Usage Of Battery and Mobile…


  1. Nice video but I have a problem mera phone mi a3 hai aur usmein battery usage stats ka option nahi to apps ka graph dekhne ke liya kya keru

  2. My computer is 🔒 locked I have forgotten my password please say a solution

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