10+ Power-user tips & tricks for Google Chrome on Android

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  1. Is there a faster way to use the forward button instead of clicking the three little dots?

  2. A quick way to go forward instead of having to open the menu at the top and clicking it? IMO this (going back and forward gestures) is one of the few things that safari on iPhone does right and better than chrome.

  3. Hi, thanks for the tips, i have a question if i may, i recently installed the latest update of android oreo to my galaxy j5 and was watching a movie on a website on chrome, and I accidentally returned to the homescreen but with the movie screen size minimized smaller like on YouTube when you can play a video while browsing, i don't know how i did it and really would like to know how, so if you or anyone can tell me how it would be greatly appreciated

  4. Man , I know more than you in this case , I've fully customised my chrome browser , you've just showed the basics dude , show something new !

  5. That enable chrome gome thing doesn't show up. S7 edge user here 🖑

  6. chrome without a good Adblocker is useless to me. i would love if they bring ublock origins with chrome. then i will switch

  7. At 5:12 of this video it shows your favorite sites under your google search bar in your web browser….how did you do that…alot of people have trouble with this..can you help

  8. Hey this is just a random question. Uhm how can i have the SHARE button on chrome appear?? It really frustrates me cause i don't have the option on chrome. PLEASE HELP

  9. Very nice video thank you very much! Just one question is the way to close all tabs with one button or when killing the app?

  10. The beautiful thing about this is that it also applied to most chromium based browsers. I currently use Tugabrowser and every tip works.

  11. Are those speakers the Swans D1010? If so, where can I get those speaker stands?

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