10 Online Games To Play With Friends During Coronavirus Lockdown

We’ve been craving games we can play together, apart – so here is Jared’s list of his top 10 favorite cooperative online games to play that aren’t Animal Crossing New Horizons! BuzzFeed encourages everyone to do their part to help slow the spread of the coronavirus with frequent hand-washing, social distancing, and staying at home as much as possible. For the most reliable, up-to-date information, please visit CDC.gov.




  1. This is my favorite game as of now, I've been playing it all during lockdown I recommend it to anyone who wants to try something classic, even though it has a new vibe to it as well. Check it out here! MK11 babay!1 https://amzn.to/2wYBzxA

  2. My told me to download Stardew Valley on my Switch after I finished all my games and got really bored. I am addicted. This game is good even of you don't have anyone to play with

  3. Divinity 2 will seriously get you hooked for hours and days. Been playing for months and I've created so many save for all kind of character combination

    Aside that I recommend portal 2 and also me + my brother have recently been playing magicka and warframe

  4. You should’ve added Jackbox games! I know some are ehhh but fakin’ it is one of the best

  5. I'm surprised Apex Legends and Overwatch aren't on this list tbh.
    Bold of you to assume I have friends to play these with
    Jared the avatar is soooo cute! Great job!

  6. A Way Out should have been on this list, unreal game to play with a buddy
    Don't Starve Together is another good one!!

  7. I also would recommend portal2 and the borderlands series.

  8. Currently running around on Warframe (free-to-play ninja space adventure game that's kinda hard to describe, with four player squads) and Remnant: From the Ashes. (Dark Souls lite three man co-op game with a funky storyline) And my friends have been doing Hell Let Loose (vast realistic military game where you play a soldier with a role along with loads of other people), Hunt: the Showdown (PVP and PVE smaller scale battle royale which is extremely tense) and Stellaris (4X strategy space game).

  9. I love so many of these games but tbh I have exclusively been playing Animal Crossing 😅

  10. could you guys do a video for local co-op games? for those of us in quarentine together lol i'd suggest river city girls

  11. Divinity original sin 2 is my jam!! The first one is good too. Minecraft now has Minecraft realms which makes setting up a server easy. There’s jack box games you can technically do multiplayer across the internet but that requires some fenagling. Recently we just finished borderlands3. All the borderlands games are fun for random crazy weapons etc, and i really enjoy the weird dlc’s too.

  12. Or y'all could just download Neverwinter.

    I'm addicted! Oh, and it's free!

    Add me on XB! I'd love to help! :]

  13. You can’t play death squared online with friends. Only locally. So kinda hard in quarantine. Thanks for the list though

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