10 Mobile Photography Hacks For Beginners

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  1. 10 Mobile photography Hacks:
    1. Clean Your Lens

    2. Lock Exposure

    3. Underexpose (good for editing later)

    4. Shoot In RAW (More Dynamic Range)

    5. Change your Angle

    6. Tele – Pano (medium format feel)
    7. Use Grids

    8. Water Bottle Tripod

    9. Don't Shoot At The Sun

    10. Buy Moment Gear

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  4. but u say buy moment gear even though I don't have it in my phone :((
    but the tips are good though

  5. Anyone travelling ALONE should NOT use the water bottle / coffee cup hack. Really bad (and dumb) idea to walk away AND turn your back from your (most probably expensive) phone

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