10 iPhone Features That Android Doesn't Have

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Even though Android and iOS are getting more similar over the years, there are still several features that are exclusive to iPhone. The biggest one are Apple ecosystem apps such as iMessage, but there are other iphone-only features like iCloud lock and others that still have no equivalent…


  1. Yes I know many of these features can be achieved with 3rd party apps. This video is specifically about native features.

  2. What iphone can do: look pretty and make the poop emoji talk.

    What android can do: play classic games like nes, snes, and sega genesis.

  3. "because Apple tests everything so u don't have to worry about it bricking your phone"….. Yeah… IOS13?

  4. Yall say that phone has this and that phone has that, but u can't actually find a phone that has all the features the iPhone has, and that's what makes the iPhone iPhone :]

  5. Also, in addition to androids already having Android beam, we can touch our phone together to share content

  6. iMessage on iPhone—RCS on Android
    Backup on Android – simple and fast, reliable backing up to Google Cloud
    iCloud lock — Android has remote lock and wipe also
    FaceTime — Duo preinstalled and widely used

    Apple Store — uBreakiFixit or advanced RMA, not a problem If you have backup phone or send you phone in advance and then transfer data and send broken back.

  7. Ye because google is the only android manufacturers … very smart😁😁 not like samsung or Sony phones but no Google sure

  8. I have an SMS app that not only lets me send text messages on any Android device from my phone number but also allows me to text from computer.

  9. This guys been using 4 year old andriod comparing it to the new iphone. BIASED TO THE HALF EATEN APPLE!

  10. iMessage is something every American iphone user mentions, but as far as I'm concerned is not as big of a deal in Europe. Most people use whatsapp or viber or some other cross platform messaging apps here and iphone users send messages to android users and vise versa without different colors of bubbles or whatever. As for airdrop, I don't know how many android phones have this feature, but on Samsung phones there is direct wi-fi share, to send big files to phones that are connected to same wi-fi, it's not quite as universal as airdrop, because you need wi-fi connection, but it's super fast and you can send really big files. Native screen recorder is coming for Samsung phones with the next update and I guess that's another feature that's not universal for android phones, but you can't say that android doesn't have it, depends on manufacturer. Apple stores, they are nice to have, but that's another thing that depends on where you live. In my country we not only don't have a single official Apple store, our country is not even listed, when you are setting up your icloud account and have to register your address, so people use fake addresses from USA to set up their iclouds. And one last comment about facetime and video chatting, I don't think that google should build in duo to make android better. It's all about choice, for some people duo can be part of what we call bloatware. If you want it. you can download, but if you don't you won't. You may never use video chats or maybe facebook messenger video call is goo enough for you, it's up to you. Password sharing and OS updates for 5 and more years are cool though.

  11. Androids are for poor people who just can't afford iPhones!!😆

  12. I agree, The back up on android is trash. I spent three days trying to move everything to my new phone and I just gave up and started from scratch. No photos, no contacts, nothing.

  13. Google pay is native to Android and I use it all the time to send money. Also Android 10 let's you share your WiFi password. Also Duo is not a third party app.

  14. My Xiaomi Mi 9 has a built in screenrecorder thingy, it also has restore/backup and I share wifi by just taping the wifi and it shows a q code and then just scan that and you'll be able to use the wifi.

  15. Google has crap support? I had a good experience when I had to send my Pixel 2 XL back for a broken USB C as they actually did not void my warranty for sending back a phone with an unlocked bootloader (you cant relock it without USB working). Will Apple do that? Will Samsung do that? NO! They void your warranty completely just because you wanted to use Titanium backup!

  16. I remember years ago when I couldn't send a file through bluetooth from my S3 Mini to some iPhone lmao

  17. The backup and restore on ios really knocks out Android. It is really good.

    But customer service???!! You say that you had a button stuck on warranty? On any other manufacturer you would be treated the same way (at least here in EU that has 2 year warranty imposed on any product).

  18. I mean no disrespect but, you made an error… #1 addendum regarding syncing; Google owns Android & I sync PC, tablet, & 2 phones with my Google Account… Including messages, Voice, emails, browsing history, bookmarks, etc. – instantly shared across all devices. As you said, it is not a competition but that is NOT something that iPhone has that Android does not.
    I am so sorry you had syncing issues on Android; I never have but I know it can happen. Everything resets itself when I switch phones; which I do several times a year, on average. I should knock on wood but, I have never had any lost data. My wallpaper resets itself! Even the defective phone I had didn't lose any data. [Android 8]
    Now Windows 10 Pro… I triple backup & have still lost data!!! I have to disconnect external hard-drives before updating or files AND DRIVES disappear.

    Q: Is Airdrop the same as sending a pic on Android via Messages? Pick the Pic icon, select pic, jot note if desired, then send… all inside Messages/Messaging? Easy-peasy?!

    The WiFi shortcut looks super handy! Love it!

    All in all – very informative video!
    Thank you.

  19. iPhone useful the user even if no one else uses the iphone,stuff like imessage and airdrop are only useful if your friends also has iphone

  20. After I made a hard reset to my phone it wanted the lock screen password before completing the setup

  21. People are so petty…it amazes me how an OS can turn a supposed adult into a petulant fool! Sheesh…

  22. I think first and foremost you are making a wrong comparison. Are you comparing Google with Apple or Android with iOS ? Many of your assumption are wrong. The very phone I'm using mi max 3 has with it a screen recorder , go and investigate. The data transfer is smooth as butter from one phone to another. By the way, uniqueness of andriod is the fact that you can download almost anything, anything you downloadable to your phone is a feature it doesn't have to come with the phone. You choose what you want to be on your Phong.
    You think iMessage is a feature? There are over 2.6billion WhatsApp uses. iMessage is only a flash in the pan. I've not used mine in the last 6 months. You can only mention feature that you can't get on Android or alternative reverb if you wanted to. Otherwise, nope!

  23. Unlike iPhones, not all android phones are the same. You don't have to buy just any android smartphone. Samsung has better alternatives for almost all those features mentioned. Android is built to be personalised by you. That's why 3rd party apps exist.

  24. 1. iMessage is useless where I live, we only use WhatsApp over here in South America and the rest of the world also does the same (Telegram, LINE, etc..)
    2. Screen Recording: True, it would be nice to have it a stock function but I can download an app and just get it done.
    3. Sending money. Not really a feature I would use, most people prefer me send them money directly to their Bank account, I use the app from my bank to deal with this.
    4. Updates. As a pixel user, I'm glad I receive updates immediately from Google and even take part in Beta Testing, great service over here on Android, not Google's fault OEMs take too long to update their phones, Google is doing a great job 💪🏻.
    5. Airdrop. This feature is cool and isn't easily available on Android.
    6. WiFi Password. We have QR codes, works great 👍🏻.
    7. Backup and Restore. As a pixel user, all I really sorry about is my music, as all my photos are stored safely for free in Google Photos. My passwords are also backed up automatically by Google 🙌🏻
    8. iCloud Lock. True, Android doesn't offer a good protection method yet.
    9. Apple Store. True, at least apple pretends they care, however if you've seen Louis Rossman videos, you know how much the genius bar wants to scam you.
    10. FaceTime. Not a feature I use, again, we use WhatsApp and other apps 💪🏻

  25. When I purchase a Pixel, I've always been able to reach a Google representative via the Google One program: Live Chat or Phone 24 hrs a day by Google employees (not third party services) and Google has always been able to replace hardware for me without a hitch (they even accepted my old Pixel C Tablet and credited me a substantial amount of money for the purchase of my Pixelbook) and I receive the customer service without having to go to any particular place, I handle everything right from wherever I may be.

  26. Mirror image backup with app data and all does exist with Google Pixel, I use it all the time and it's very easy.

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