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Locations: Île aux Cygnes, Musée d’Orsay, Jardin Luxembourg, Musée des Arts et Métiers, etc.

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  1. i don't understand, those are not even hidden places. Those are very mainstream places that tourists usually visit

  2. Some of the Historical placards on the outside of buildings are phonies made as some kind of weird joke, yep

  3. On the warm days buy a quiche at the market across the street from the jardin du luxembourg. Sit in the garden and people watch. The boat races in the fountain are fun to watch too.
    Nice vid. Merci.

  4. Museums are free first Sunday of the month. Go to Le Procope restaurant, oldest in Paris… you can see items from Marie Antoinette and Benjamin Franklin

  5. I love the Covered Passages, such as the one up Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, Passage Brady… Little India, Gallerie Vivienne Close to the Palais Royal. Also the Palais Royal. The Cour du Commerce Saint-André, where you can still see a remnant of the wall the protected Paris in the 12th century, where you can dine and the has the patisserie 'Un Dimanche A Paris', where you can get your fill of macarons!

  6. Best of luck when visiting Galeries Lafayette. Window shopping or actually shopping, one is bound to feel like the poorest person ever😵 everything is super, super expensive. But yeah, that dome is very impressive👍🏼

  7. Stayed in a lovely apartment on Rue Cler. So close to the Eiffel Tower and Napoleon’s Tomb. Apartments are so much more “bang for the buck” than hotels or B&B’s! And more fun too.

  8. Que preciosidad Paris!! Su encanto me embrujo. El Paseo por el Sena… que preciosidad !! La torre Eiffel increíble, necesito volver pronto.

  9. also!! there's the musée grévin (like mrs tussaud museum in London), and the manor of paris to enjoy more some of your family moments! 😊

  10. The first one is the real statue of liberty.. the one in New York is a gift from France they were build in the same time

  11. We are planned to visit PARIS on this year our Christmas vecation really excited…

  12. I love suggestion #1… I've been to Paris twice and have been "collecting" the space invaders (with a camera). It's incredibly fun and they're in such unexpected places. They even have some in Versailles!

    Also, Ladurée macarons are okay… Pierre Hermé's are much better.

  13. Your wrong about the statue of liberty it was a gift to the United states from the French…smh… do your homework before making a video…

  14. How much did u get paid by lime electric scooters? Paris is not a super big city 😀😀

  15. J' adore ces majestueux vídeos sur l' historique ville de Paris, I like this magnifics vídeos of the historical city of Paris

  16. this is the last video i will be watching on YouTube before i leave australia in 13 hours bound for london then onto paris on eurostar and it is an excellent video…loved it

  17. The strings orchestra in Saint Chappelle! Beautiful music like Vivaldi surrounded by all the stain glass – there is a reason it was known as the Kings jewellery box.

  18. #7 also beneath the Louvre museum area there is a large underground shopping "mile" (luxury of course ^^)

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