10 Hidden Android Features You Should Use!

We all believe we know all the features in Android but there are always some hidden Android features that we don’t know. Well, in this video, we show you 10 hidden Android features that will definitely surprise you.

15 Hidden Android Features You Should Know:

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  1. What's up Notification Squad! Did we miss out any cool hidden feature in Android? Tell us! 😇

  2. Bawas parin DATA nio jn. Inoffline nio nga pero ON nio nmn ung RADIO POWER. edi ganun din un. Babawasan parin data balance nio

  3. Hey beebom i have got dark theme override change on Some apps only and especially i didn't get it on WhatsApp.. I use moto one power.. Suggest any setting so that I can get the WhatsApp also a dark theme.. 🥂 Cheers!!

  4. The 'Override Force-Dark' & 'Theming Option' isn't working on my Asus 5Z running Android 10.
    Can anyone suggest something on the Theming options

  5. I just updated my Nokia 7.1 to android 10 but when I enable override dark mode apps like WhatsApp and Facebook still don't go into dark mode

  6. How to activate dark mode for all apps. If, there is no dark mode option in developer option on ma phone.. like Moto E4+ Android phone

  7. Stock OS devices are good but very buggy also & some important features are also missing like one of the most important feature like Call recording is not there in Stock OS

  8. So u have to ,download an app in order to delete a few..you are so intelligent LOL..

  9. I cleared my 3.8 gb thank you.. 😁 n can I know the release date of one plus 6t's Android 10 update…

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