10 Best Games to Play with Your GIRLFRIEND

Playing video games is an activity that is better enjoyed in pairs and if your girlfriend is the type of lady who likes to try out new and geeky ways of spending quality time together, then why not introduce her to the wonderful world of gaming. There are a lot of titles that can be played in a cooperative mode and for today’s video we’ve compiled a list with 10 of the best games that can offer great satisfaction if played together with your loved one. Be warned though, some of these may…


  1. "May make or break a relationship" My girlfriend and I yell at each other while playing fun run, this should be fun

  2. Just wanna play the sex game… but meanwhile i get satisfied with this

  3. What was the first game he was playing in th background at the beginning as he told us what he was gonna talk about

  4. click bait…i wanted to see the set up they had, see how happy people live for a change…

  5. Oh come on. The only decent game on this list is Borderlands, and that game actually put strain on my relationship. GTA Online, some F2P Shooters, WoW, Fortnite, and Left4Dead2 are much better examples. Not all girls are shallow.

  6. Where are:
    Europa Universalis 4, Arma 3, Hears of Iron 4, Crusader Kings 2; The Slaughtering Grounds, and Football Manager 2015?

    This list sucks; Git gude scrublurds, unsubed

  7. A good co-op is pretty much any game you can complete by yourself and you have the ability to revive the other player. I love my GF, but damn she's useless at video games.

  8. what about tf2 ?? every soldier main needs and pocket girlfriend medic

  9. all these people parroting the same joke in the comments ugh… but a great game thats a little lesser known is human fall flat on steam we loved it

  10. I've been looking for something to play with her together and haven't found anything, I love this and I definitely would recommend

  11. My girlfriend is the best she's a gamer beautiful and plays soccer she's perfect we play mostly halo and Minecraft aswell as assassin's Creed

  12. This title should be ''10 games to play with your girlfriend assuming she has zero prior interest in playing video games and will only get enjoyment out of cartoon puke rainbow graphics.'' Usually love Fraghero vids, but it's pretty obvious no significant others/girl gamers were consulted in the making of this list.
    And seriously wtf is up with that thumbnail?

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