10 Best Android Apps For Windows PC Users

Apps list –

1. Remote Fingerprint Unlock
Windows App –

Android App –

2. Netshare No-Root Tethering –

3. DeskDock
Windows App –
Android App -…


  1. soundwire is literally the best app man… 1 Year, i got the pro version for compressing and less latency and maaaan, can walk all around my house without losing audio. Way better than bluethoot

  2. When ever I watch your Video I felt regret for buying cross platform (Iphone and windows) Cross Platform sucks

  3. Almost all galaxy S series starting from s9 and Note series can be used as WiFi repeaters by default…!

  4. Dude there's tons of good mobile games. Also you should use steam remote play which is way better than parsec lmao.

  5. The application named "Net share – no root " does a pretty job at handling wifi tethering while the app is open, but when it comes to running out of memory the app closes and as a result you will have to open and do all the procedures, which is a hazzle.
    So I'll link up the alternative to this app made by the same company (or whatever it is).
    Subscribe to my small channel, I too make such kind of videos, it will be kind of you for your action.

    Link (to my channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv4pI8wXPREzGxPHEe3N9JQ
    Link (to the app): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=netshare.wifihotspot

  6. The unified remote app has so many more features. Typing this comment from the app only. Techwiser you can do a whole video on this app

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