Android Tutorial – Chat Application with Firebase – Part 2

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Android Firebase Chat Application With gallery and Camera image Upload and Download images..

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You can Find Source Code here



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    Please Sir, i have been having challenges with the Google-services.json file. How many .json file is required?. Now if is only one, how do i add the users and messages sub-child to the tree. If possible can you forward the contents of your own .json to me pls. How the children added to the tree. I have been seeing things like "app configuration, ids, clients etc". I have the project already but didint see your .json to compare with mine. Also can i link new projects with existing ones on firebase. Thank you very much sir, God bless you.

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    thank you. you are a great tutor and programmer.

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    method int, boolean) would have incorrectly overridden the package-private method in android.widget.ListView

    This error is showing up and I cannot see the recycler view of chat

    Can you help me with this please ??

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    sir plz uplode the full project …… where we can understnd the code more eazyer…. plz sir its a request

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    Cardview for other users is not populating it shows only one user not showing other users